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The traditional educational system focuses mainly on learning skills that works on left analytical side of the brain so children end up neglecting to improve the functions of their right brains. Though the left brain functions are important, the right brain focuses on creativity, imagination, and perceptiveness, it is equally important for children. In addition to their left, training the right side of the brain helps to promote a balanced brain growth and stability.

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According to the scientists’ reviews, man only incorporates less than 6% of his brain capacity. This shows how awesome a human can be, if it’s utilized more. Human brain consists of right brain and left brain, and they will function optimally if the left and right brains are in equilibrium.
Blindfold activation is a method to stimulate 5 senses (kinesthetic, taste, smell, visual and auditory) and to balance the left and right brains to activate intuition capability, which lays in the right brain, so that the children would have capability to do things with their eyes closed.

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Dermatoglyphics (from ancient Greek derma = skin, glyph = carving) is the scientific study of fingerprints. Scientists researched skin ridge patterns and established that the fingerprint patterns actually develop in the womb and are fully formed by the fourth month of pregnancy.
Over the last thirty years or so, more than four thousand medical research papers have been written on the significance of skin-ridge patterns!
A common method of checking the intelligence level of a child is an IQ test. However it uses only language, math and logic as a base to find the IQ level. It completely overlooks talents in areas like sports, music, art forms, communication etc.


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