The development of fingerprints and the human brain is synchronous, between the 13th and 19th prenatal week. Through clinical trials, the fingerprints and multiple intelligences are absolutely related. Dr. Howard Gardner discovered that multiple intelligences are correlated to specific regions in the neocortex. This enables dermatoglyphics to identify the presence and magnitudes of these multiple intelligences at the early stages of childhood development. Equipped with this invaluable information, our children will have the competitive edge in identifying and enhancing their multiple intelligences.

Linguistic / Verbal Intelligence

• Ability to use language as a means to express thoughts and gain understanding.
• People with high linguistic intelligence like to read, write, discuss and expand their vocabulary at the same time.
• Desired occupations include lawyers, orators, writers, talk show hosts, editors, sociologists or social science lecturers.

Naturalistic Intelligence

• Ability to observe and develop keen interests on the ecosystem.Occupations which requries high level of naturalistic intelligence include hunters, ecologists, biologists, taxonomists, agriculturists and even astronomers.

Solitary / Intrapersonal Intelligence

• Ability to be aware of one’s inner strengths and weaknesses,emotions, interests and ambitions. People who reflect on themselves tend to keep diary records and engage in self thoughts. They are also intuitive and capable of deep contemplations.
• Suitable occupations include counsellors,theologists,autobiographers, creative entrepreneurs, inventor, critics or scholars.

Social / Interpersonal Intelligence

• Highly empathic and aware of other people’s motives, feelings and emotions.
• People with high interpersonal intelligence usually have a wide social network, inclined to participate in group activities and tend to hold key leadership positions.
• Suitable occupations include politicians, entrepreneurs, public relations experts, spiritual leaders, teachers or psychologists.

Visual / Spatial Intelligence

• People with high vision-spatial intelligence are proficient map readers, like to draw, play with puzzles and labyrinths.
• They have good perception of space, lines, shapes and colours. Besides they have excellent sense of direction.
• Desired occupations include architects, artists, landscapers and other related fields.

Bodily-Kinaesthetic Intelligence

• Fond of outdoor adventures and physical activities. People with high kinaesthetic intelligence are dextrous, capable of excellent control of their body parts and skilled crafters.
• Suitable occupations include athletes, sculptors, surgeons, dancers or stage players.

Auditory / Musical Intelligence

• Musical intelligence is the ability to make use of the relationship between pitch, rhythm, and timbre.
• Those possessing the musical intelligence enjoy playing instruments, singing, and drumming, and they like the sounds of the human voice, environmental sounds, and instrumental sounds.

Mathematical / Logical Intelligence

• This intelligence consists of advanced calculations, categorisations, summarising and assumption skills.
• Occupations that require high levels of mathematical and logical intelligence include mathematicians, taxers, and accountants.

Existential Intelligence

• Existential Intelligence is the ability to be sensitive to, or have the capacity for, conceptualizing or tackling deeper or larger questions about human existence.
• They are not afraid to tackle thinking about questions that revolve around such issues as the meaning of life, or contemplate questions like why are we born, why do we die, what is consciousness, or how did we get here?