Midbrain Activation


During the blindfold activation, a child learns how to enter the condition of meditative in order to be able to ”see” with eyes closed.

The term “genius” here doesn’t mean someone with IQ above 130, rather, it’s the condition that if we are able to decrease the brain wave down to alpha-theta, our brain will function optimally.

Left Brain is believed to operate at Beta wave frequency (14- 30 hertz cycles per second). This is the brain we are most familiar with, having developed this brain in traditional academic settings.

Right Brain, the image brain, is believed to work at Alpha wave frequency (8 to 13 hertz cycles per second). It is associated with a creativity, images, music and also relaxed alert state of mind such as in meditation.

The Mid Brain, is believed to ‘act’ as a bridge between our Left and Right Brain. Having an active Mid Brain, we believe, will ‘widen’ the channel of communication between the left and right brain resulting in a more balanced use of ‘Whole Brian.

So, how can you awaken the mid brain again? One of the most effective ways to activate the mid brain is to use sound waves. In our 1 day Super Sensory Development Workshop, we let your kids have lots of fun! Yes! Tons and tons of fun.

Through play and fun, your kids’ brain will be more relaxed, and feel more secured with the environment they are in. Under this excellence state, they response better to our proprietary sound wave.

Our brain consists of a complicated network of neurons, the fundamental ‘highway’ used to transfer information…

Benefits of Midbrain Activation:

Following are the benefits of Mid brain Activation…

  • Balances left & right brain.
  • Develops blindfold abilities (Like reading, writing, painting, etc.).
  • Develops concentration and confidence.
  • Improves memory & creativity.
  • Makes one emotionally stable and balanced.
  • Improves speed of reading.
  • Improves performance in sports & extra curricular activities.

Why activate the midbrain?

There are so many midbrain function. As said in the above paragraph, the brain has to awaken through motivating a discharge. Inside the human body, it strengthens the pituitary gland that regulates the hormones. For this, it activates the neighboring pineal gland. The pineal gland discharges hormones: melatonin and serotonin.

The secretion of melatonin will increase within the dark and reduces while it is clear.

Serotonin is very nearly related to the expansion of varieties and can develop the intelligence of the great thoughts. Due to the fact, the brain is responsible for a conversation with the left and right sides of the brain. The method of “activating” the brain will bring about the higher data exchange with the left and right sides.

The thought has the tendency to assign one side of brain dominantly in performing practical assignments. This means we end up the usage of the brain much less than that we surely must!

The device of “activating” the brain reverses this style and allows us to apply our mind more correctly, for this reason, the improvement in cognitive capabilities.

Another interesting effect of brain activation that it permits children to feel the visible houses of devices without truly seeing them with their eyes (blindfolded). Mid brain Function is very useful for children.

How to activate midbrain?

There are many methods used to show how to activate midbrain, which is listed below.

  • Brain Gym
  • Eyeball Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Brain Activation by Midbrain Music
  • Dance
  • Fun & Joyful Activities
  • Imagination & blindfold exercise
  • Motivation

For midbrain activation method download and midbrain images please contact to Right Brain Education.

How is midbrain activation different from Traditional Learning?

  • Brain Stimulation Workshop is an activity based on the various types of brain waves in a systematic pattern by the scientific method.
  • Children will do activities of Beta, Alpha, and Theta level powerfully throughout the mid brain activation Workshop.
  • The traditional school highlights on Beta waves and ignores the importance of alpha and theta wave learning environment which are far more helpful.

Effect of Music on the brain during Midbrain Activation

Scientists have invented that song stimulates more components of the brain than other human function of mid brain. The person has physic and spirit. What differentiates between living human and the dead one is the mind existing in his/her body. So long as the energy is there, the man stays alive.  Similarly, the human mind has physic. However, it has the wave. This wave is called a brainwave. 

The influence of song on Neurons Anisha once stated: “if children do not introduce to the song at an early age, I agree with some thing fundamental is being taken from them.”   A baby does not expose to new situations every day that affects the nerves in their brain, and as soon as those connections are set up, it's very hard to change them.

Mid brain activity activates children. Music is a motive that processed by using the mind because we've got receptors for sensing and reacting to tune.The act of preparing this motivation influences the neural connections inside the mind and therefore influences other neural connections which in flip have an effect on the outputs of the body.The Mozart impact is a phenomenon that states when a character listens to short track, their intellectual and motor talents increase.It has a profound impact on young kids because their minds are still growing at a fast rate, and their neural pathways will affect.

Mid brain activity enhances the potential of students to perform in academic well. The song composed by Musician has a 60 beat per minute; that repeats for the duration of portions. This sample activates the movement of the left side of the brain, and it increases the connections between the neurones that connect the two sides. 

Researchers in the subject of neurologic improvement have defined parallel results. They observed that the brain changes in shape and characteristic as a result of Listening track and environmental effects.

Why Right Brain Education for Mid brain Activation?

Midbrain Activation must be done scientifically by an experienced trainer. At Right Brain Education every trainer has minimum five years of experience of student midbrain training. So every coach knows how to get optimum results from students with minimum time and effort. That’s why we get 100 % result by giving a workshop of 1 day only. Every child will be able to do activities blindfolded at the end of the 1st day itself.

What is Midbrain?

The mid brain also referred to as the mesencephalon, is a small area of the brain that serves as a relay centre for sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.

The mid brain resides inside the brain stem of brain. It's far responsible for the belief of motives and the following verbal exchange with the right and left regions. Usually, as a part of the lower mind centres, the mid brain is not the state of affairs to people with powerful interest.

Dr Makoto Shichida, who dedicated 40 years of studies into the brain functions. In reality, use of the phrase “Interbrain” than Mid brain. We can use the term “Mid brain “ as this is popular.

The human brain, there is a segment known as the interbrain that lies between the left and right regions. It is essential to excite this to improve the abilities of the human thoughts.The interbrain positioned on the centre of the cerebrum, combined the features of each parts of mid brain.

The interbrain acts to manage the focus and adjusts with advanced intelligence. If a person develops his Mid brain, he's going to collect a memory to allow him to inspect something he can visible or heard.

The interbrain controls the complete human body which combines the insides. You may emerge as a super human. As a manner to wake up this part of the brain, it's more important to stimulate a hormonal discharge through the way of sending a unique vibration.

What's midbrain's inner shape?

The most important portion of internal midbrain structure is grey. There are four types of midbrain parts:

  • Grey surrounds the channel of the stylus.
  • Grey centres fixed in our bodies.
  • The Substantia nigra.
  • The Red nucleus.

What are the function of midbrain?

The various capabilities which include functions of midbrain are:

  • Controlling the respiratory muscle tissue
  • Controlling the vocal cords permitting a person to phonate
  • Controlling pharyngeal, oral similarly to nasal passages
  • Controlling the palate, tongue, lips and mandible

Midbrain controls all these features via nerves 12, 10, 9, 5 & 7. The coordinated sports and oral facial tissues are controlled using the midbrain because of which it has control over the manners like Laugh and cry.

This Dopamine plays a crucial position in motor and cognition functioning, and the DA transmitter device disturbances are correlated with the midbrain development of Parkinson’s disorder similarly to psychotic abnormalities.

Complete information of human Hindbrain, Midbrain Anatomy and Forebrain?

There is an information about forebrain midbrain hindbrain.

Instead of the spinal cord, the human persona is a totally ugly shape. All things considered, it's very hard to understand the particular frameworks of the mid brain anatomy and the competencies.

Be that as it could, physiological clinicians have invented a few techniques through which it's viable to take a look at a portion of the essential systems of the brain and the additives they carry out.

Thoughts control all the work that we do, apart from of way the habitual activities, which may be managed using method for the spinal wire. Mind controls belief, addressing, and particular varieties of sports. Remarkable differences of the thoughts will recognize by way of making use of research, which controls unique conduct patterns. The extra part of the degrees of the thoughts demonstration in close participation with each other.

Presently, permit us to take a gander as unique areas of the psyche as they manipulate extraordinary components. We'd restrict our examinations to the basic frameworks of the cerebrum.

We can start with the back of the head; wherein the spinal line rises to fulfil the psyche. Frequently we will come to talk about the front and better part of the brain thru the middle brain activation. There are total three parts of midbrain:

  • The hindbrain
  • The mid cerebrum and
  • The fore persona.

The Hindbrain:

It has three sub divisions: medulla, cerebellum and pons.


This form is the best part of the psyche stem. It is a relationship between the cerebrum and the spinal cord. 12 layers of nerves reaching out from the medulla go with a few key areas of the edge; together with hearts, lungs, intestine, bladder, etc. In the end, medulla controls such essential and autonomic functions along respiration, the stream of blood, processing of food, and so on. It moreover plays a major role in relaxation, sniffling and hacking.


The cerebellum is smaller than the normal version of the cerebrum. Its outside ground seems to be dark and the inner white. It has two sides of the equator. It holds the contribution from most people of the tactile areas of the body. Damage to the cerebellum can likewise aid loss of motor coordination and the shortage of muscle condition.

Cerebellum moreover controls notion of time. In numerous expressions, the natural clock is about inside the cerebellum. For this reason, peoples can inform the estimated time without watching the clock in the midnight time.

The Midbrain:

The midbrain is placed roughly in the middle of the brain. It is a tube-like structure, the outside of which appears white and inside dark. Through this tube, a liquid like substance known as cerebrospinal fluid passes which give dietary supplements to the cerebrum. It has tactile and motor pathways. It performs a role inside the path of visual reflexes. The midbrain incorporates important systems.

The tegmentum of midbrain contains the part of the midbrain under the tectum of midbrain. Its element is the motion of the consideration from one path to the inverse. The midbrain development conveys the reticular system.